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02/06/2021 17:44:18494377/1100Your team were absolutely brilliant. The assistance with building the new furniture on arrival at new office was much appreciated. We'd definitely use you again for any future moves.
13/05/2021 17:08:56494473/195everything was great but we found 2 off our garden ornaments broken, one of them a water feature. Apart from that very good.
13/05/2021 06:08:43494155/1100The service and ability of Chris and the whole of the move crew over the 3 days of our move was outstanding.
12/05/2021 17:23:19494365/1100Very professional
12/04/2021 17:14:17494208/160I chose Casserlys because of the things the company got right and in particular the promptness and knowledge shown by those with whom we spoke early in the process. (Aber movers were unwilling to quote for a packing service or exceptionally slow to respond and I was prepared to pay more to get good service from a firm further away.) And I'd state that the crew were friendly, efficient and more than willing to attempt moving furniture to tight corners. However - and having had recent experience of a move from London to Aber only three years ago - the speed of both packing and delivery caused problems: only v rarely was an attempt made to identify contents and on many boxes there wasn't identification of a destination room. The box packing was good - especially by, I think, Matty, but the general feeling I had was of a rushed job. While no crockery breakages occurred it was apparent through friction damage that not everything was secured and packed properly in the vans. (Irritating and unnecessary minor damage e.g., anglepoise lamp with damaged paint because it was secured metal-to-metal; scuffing on tables through friction; paint damage to a bike because it was rubbing; a dolley wheel missing from a rowing machine; and a now-non-functioning dehumidifier.) As a final point I think your survey misses some fundamentals - like "what was the quality of work on the move?"!
12/04/2021 09:43:31493918/1100The removal men were fantastic, really helpful, funny and kept a stressful situation light hearted! Please pass on my thanks!!
23/03/2021 18:49:52493851/285 
06/03/2021 13:00:46493429/1100very pleased
05/03/2021 15:22:49494000/1100Very happy with all aspects of the move - would recommend to others. Thank you very much!
17/02/2021 21:25:52494057/195Really good service. So glad I came to your firm.
17/02/2021 15:25:27494141/195 
04/02/2021 13:41:32493790/1100The men who helped us move were superb! They were efficient, kind, accommodating and just absolutely fabulous. Thank you, thank you ,thank you! Lady on the phone was helpful, polite and understanding. Fantastic service, great guys and couldn't do enough for us. Could not believe the speed at which they worked either x
03/02/2021 15:02:22493666/195This is not our first move withThomas Casserlys, exceptional service last time ensured we would move with them this time. The only issue was the surveyor (online of course) was not as accurate as might have been expected. He estimated we would need 50 boxes, in fact we needed 117! He may have better realised how many belongings we had if he has asked us to open our cupboards. Obviously things have been tricky this year with Covid restrictions and in the scheme of things this a minor thing. The crew on the day are to be congratulated for presenting your company in an excellent light. Shame I couldn't give them a cup of tea! Thank you all.
17/01/2021 15:18:32493945/1100I was extremely impressed with the service provided throughout. Many thanks.
15/01/2021 21:33:17493866/1100Your removal team went way above normal service, helped with TV and complex underfloor heating. We imagined that with all the walking and difficulty to get our furniture to the apartment that they would be tired and fed up , but they were always helpful and cheerful. Many thanks again and will recommend your company to anyone needing your services. Ps please thank our team and best wishes to you all.